I started driving this month. For my birthday, my family got me some driving lessons. I started last week and it’s definitely a nerve-wracking experience. There was one incident which was almost exactly like Tina’s first drive in Bob’s Burgers.

Luckily, unlike Bob, my instructor had his own brake pedal, so I didn’t end up crashing. It was fun though, but it’s hard right now getting used to all the controls. Of course everyone is telling me it becomes second nature, but I hope it happens soon!

I’ve also been fairly ill over the last couple of days. It was really weird, I woke up and I felt like someone had hit me over the head with a hammer. It wasn’t like a headache because when I put a little pressure on my head it would really hurt. I have pain all down my neck and back too (nowhere else!).

School’s going fine, boring as usual. It’s scary to think that in three months, my life is going to be completely different from now. When I left CH, I had absolutely no worries, and no idea where I was going. I was lame enough to put destination: unknown in my yearbook (I thought it was funny, turns out half my year thought of it too), but it was true, I really didn’t know. I ended up at Westminster taking English (which I should have done at CH) and Religious Studies. My two years here has really made me appreciate what CH has to offer and how little respect I gave the place – and it’s teachers- while I was there.

By July, I will have taken all of my exams, quit my job and be in Florida waiting for my results. If everything goes the way I planned, I’ll be home by mid-September and going to University by the end of September. I still have no idea what my life will be like in 6 months time, but there’s no point being stressed about it. I’m just excited that finally, things are going to change and I’ll be in complete control of my own life.


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