Jarrett’s been wanting to go fishing for quite a while now, and we haven’t had the chance (low tides and late starts). Today we were up fairly early so we decided to go- just for fun, not to catch anything to keep or eat. We went to a store across the road called Master Bait & Tackle, a bait shop that sells fishing gear and t-shirts. Jarrett bought a bucket of shrimp (would I call them prawns?) and put them in a bucket without a lid, telling me not to spill it.

I spilled it before we arrived and was pretty annoyed- my shorts and the seat were soaked and I hadn’t brought any extra clothes. We drove to the dog beach not far from his house and were about to set up and start when we realised we had no towel (so I couldn’t sit and sunbathe) and no insect repellent. We both got eaten in the 10 minutes we were there, so we drove back to the main beach and fished for a little while there instead.


I really like that part of the beach because the water is usually completely clear, the sand is so soft and there are never too many people there. We waded around for a little bit, but we didn’t catch anything. We lay on those beach chairs (Jarrett says they’re called sun recliners?) that can be adjusted to lie flat or upright, and dried off before getting in the car again and moving on.20140723_132959

We’d recently been on a walk nearby (it’s impossible to walk too far in the day time here) and seen a spot where there are fish so we made our way there instead. It was really quiet and there was a small dock where we could stand and see the fish below us. I was really squeamish about touching the shrimp, and even more so about actually piercing and hooking it. Jarrett did most of that for me, but I managed to get past them flipping and twitching on me and hook my own. I’m so proud I managed to catch my first fish with it! It was a small snapper and it totally took me by surprise but I’m still so happy about it! I did all of it myself and for a first real attempt I feel good about it.20140723_15345120140723_153456After fishing, we went back to Jarrett’s place and showered before dinner (his dad made really good chicken for tortillas). I don’t know how we’re spending the rest of the evening but I’ve had a really good day and I’m really happy that I get to spend so much time with Jarrett.



Sometime in May I remembered how much I love knitting and tried to take on a new project. I saw a picture on reddit of a Ron Weasley jumper which I immediately started to knit and had loads of fun doing it. It was hard because the only things I’ve knitted before are Garter stitch plain knitting in rows (pretty badly) so I think this was a little ambitious, but fun anyway. This project has taught me so many things about knitting that I feel confident making anything! It’s not finished though because the sizes didn’t work out the way I wanted to. Here are a couple of pictures to show how it looks though. 20140514_131216  The right arm is completely finished, but it’s not the way I wanted it to be so I haven’t done the left arm. I will eventually but I haven’t been able to face it. So I put the jumper into hibernation and worked on some smaller items (which have been going really well). I made the hat first and since, I’ve made two more in red and white and red and grey. 20140523_144118-1The gloves didn’t go so well. The first glove was almost perfect, it fits nicely, but the second I made a huge mistake in the number of stitches I decreased by so it looks a little misshapen, but I’m still proud of it. 20140530_015701 The scarf was a joy to knit because I used 8mm needles which are pretty big so the knitting motion was really fluid. I didn’t have to by a special hook for the cables or anything so I feel like it went really really well.20140623_175614 So those are my finished projects right now, I’m working on a crochet blanket and a pair of socks too, but those are on hold until I’m back from Florida I think.
So probably a really boring post but still pretty important because I spent so much time doing these so I had to write about them. I’m also really proud of them.