Sometime in May I remembered how much I love knitting and tried to take on a new project. I saw a picture on reddit of a Ron Weasley jumper which I immediately started to knit and had loads of fun doing it. It was hard because the only things I’ve knitted before are Garter stitch plain knitting in rows (pretty badly) so I think this was a little ambitious, but fun anyway. This project has taught me so many things about knitting that I feel confident making anything! It’s not finished though because the sizes didn’t work out the way I wanted to. Here are a couple of pictures to show how it looks though. 20140514_131216  The right arm is completely finished, but it’s not the way I wanted it to be so I haven’t done the left arm. I will eventually but I haven’t been able to face it. So I put the jumper into hibernation and worked on some smaller items (which have been going really well). I made the hat first and since, I’ve made two more in red and white and red and grey. 20140523_144118-1The gloves didn’t go so well. The first glove was almost perfect, it fits nicely, but the second I made a huge mistake in the number of stitches I decreased by so it looks a little misshapen, but I’m still proud of it. 20140530_015701 The scarf was a joy to knit because I used 8mm needles which are pretty big so the knitting motion was really fluid. I didn’t have to by a special hook for the cables or anything so I feel like it went really really well.20140623_175614 So those are my finished projects right now, I’m working on a crochet blanket and a pair of socks too, but those are on hold until I’m back from Florida I think.
So probably a really boring post but still pretty important because I spent so much time doing these so I had to write about them. I’m also really proud of them.


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