On Thursday we got up at 4:30 to catch a plane to Illinois for the celebration of life. The plane ride was smooth and fast and it landed half an hour earlier than planned. Jarrett’s sister had organised a car to pick us up and not too long after we’d arrived at O’Hare airport, Arnie was driving us the forty minute ride to Batavia. He told us about all the best places to go in Chicago, and about his time in the military in England, so we had a good journey. We’d been told we were staying with Jarrett’s aunt so I was nervous because I’d never met her and I hate imposing on people, but as soon as we got there I stopped worrying. Her house is beautiful and I have really enjoyed staying there.


Jarrett and I took a few walks together and had a really peaceful time enjoying being outside. The weather in Florida is lovely, but it’s difficult to take for too long. We can’t usually spend more than ten minutes outside without getting too hot, so it was nice to take a walk and feel warm but be able to breathe!


I’ve gotten so tanned- Spot me with the corn?

20140802_113616 20140802_113622 20140802_113728

The second day we were there, we all went on a go cart around the house. I’ve never done it anywhere other than at arcades or tracks, so it was really fun to go for as long as I wanted and wherever I wanted. I tried Portillo’s for the first time, and it was really good. The chips were delicious and the milkshake was so perfect. On Saturday we all got up early and rode the horses. I really enjoyed riding- it was warm and Gideon (the horse I was on) was really laid back and well behaved. A neighbour’s dog ran alongside us the whole way, it was so sweet. That evening was Jarrett’s uncle’s birthday party. I went in jeans and a t-shirt (I’d learnt my lesson- it may be warm outside, but garuanteed there’ll be AC blasting inside) and I didn’t regret it- it was cold where we were sitting to eat. The food was delicious. I tried crab claws for the first time, and watched a chef make my meal in front of me. We had a really good time that night, and were so tired we all went straight to bed afterwards.



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