While we were in Illinois, we had a chance to visit Chicago. We left early on Sunday morning to catch the train at 10. It was a sad time for me because I knew that it would be a long time before I would see Jarrett’s family again, and the thought of not seeing him was upsetting. We arrived at the train station and it was filled with these types of people:
tumblr_lpsm8xsfcr1qeuyelo1_500Taking selfies everywhere and talking and squealing loudly as they were on their way to Lollapalooza. The train was two stories high, which I’d never seen before, and the seats flipped forward to make a four seater or back to make two twos. The train ride in was pretty uncomfortable. We both had suitcases and backpacks and it was fairly hot on the train, but it was great to see some of the city outside of the window as we passed it.

Once in, we took a cab to Jarrett’s cousin’s apartment to drop off our bags. The Chicago cab drivers seem really unfriendly compared with everyone else I’ve met in the US. I laughed a lot when Jarrett tried to make conversation with one driver and was cut off dead, with no hope of restarting any kind of chat. The apartment building was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. There were keycards to get to specific floors in the building, and key cards for each apartment, rather than actual keys. I couldn’t tell why at the time, but now I realise I was surprised because it felt a little like a hotel. The view from the balcony was incredible. It was so surreal to see all those huge buildings and such an expanse of land stretching out for miles.20140803_123147 I stood and watched the ant-like cars go by, and even smaller people walking their dogs. I felt that heart-fluttering feeling I get when I’m in a high place and looked directly down the thirty or so floors to see people relaxing in the pool. The photograph above is a panorama picture of that moment.

Jarrett and I decided to go and buy some lunch before heading to the Hancock tower to see Chicago from one of the highest points. We found a burger place, but got caught in heavy rain. Hailing a cab was so difficult we spent 20 minutes after lunch trying to find one without getting too wet. We guessed that everyone had taken a cab because it was raining. When we got to the Hancock tower, the trip up was inexpensive and the view was awe-inspiring.  20140803_152325this was a view from one of the sides. I just loved how far out I could see. The only downside was the number of GINORMOUS spiders living outside the windows. I used my thumb for size comparison.20140803_15100720140803_151235

On the way back I bought myself one of those coins that you put in a machine and it prints a design on a penny, and a black mug with a multicoloured drawing of the Hancock building on it. I’ve been using that mug a lot lately (it’s pink inside and I love it so much).

Afterwards I managed to get a photograph with a cop and was so so happy about it as you can tell.20140803_16161420140803_161512 This church was just across the street and looked so out of place that we stopped and went inside. There was a service going on so we stayed for a prayer and a song after looking around. The inside reminded me of England because it was very similar to the English churches I’ve been into.

Afterwards, we headed to the Hershey store where I bought nothing because Hershey doesn’t compete with Cadbury.

Then we walked around town a little bit so I could get a feel of the city. We saw lots of cool things, more than I could take pictures of, but it was great, we had a really good time. Below is a picture of the cab fares in Chicago. I liked how specific they were. 20140803_170209At around 5 we made our way back to Jarrett’s cousin’s place to say goodbye and pick up our suitcases. We had a really good time in Chicago and had a very boring flight back to Florida.

For the next couple of days after we got back from Chicago, we relaxed and stayed in a lot- the trip was fun, but emotionally draining, so we needed some time to recuperate. I will always remember that day because we had such a good time, and I wouldn’t want to have spent that day any other way than with Jarrett.20140803_150853


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