imageI’m making Stitch Block CowlΒ which was a Knit Along on reddit. I’m a bit late to the party, but I saw it and instantly knew I would wear it and wanted to make it.

So far it’s been a little stressful. Both sections that I’ve done so far have been frogged 3 times each. Β The pattern itself isn’t overly difficult, but it’s important to concentrate. The pattern has lots of row changes, so any mistakes are difficult to rectify. As you can see in the picture (but not so clearly in real life) there is a small half-row of mistakes midway through, but at that point I’d gone so far, I never wanted to do that part again!

The top part (pattern 2) is far more fun to knit because of the colour work, however I am terrified of making a mistake because (as I found out last night) it’s impossible to fix if you drop a stitch because you knit the same side twice with the different colours.

At this point, I still love it and I hope to have finished it by next week!