So Freshers week (fortnight) is basically over now, and freshers flu is kicking in. This has definitely been an experience, and while I’m sad it’s over, I’m also pretty pleased (maybe I can finally get some rest).

My first day was a bit of a mess. We didn’t get the train in time and had to carry all of my things in three suitcases and a few bags- and we didn’t even bring half of it. When we arrived, Mum had to take me into town to get some food and toiletries, but we couldn’t carry much because we don’t have a car. I ended up with the bare essentials and an empty room without my Mum to help me unpack.

My room is great. It has all the space I need in it and the big window is lovely. The only complaints I have are that the mattress is really uncomfortable and it’s ridiculously hot. SO hot. I have to have my fan on all the time (they provide them) and my window open too.

I didn’t unpack properly for the first few days, and found it a bit stressful trying to get everything together. I had welcome talk after welcome talk and event after event. The whole week is pretty much a blur now, but I enjoyed it. I liked that UEA gave us a tonne of information on what to do in any kind of situation- whether it was late work or a broken appliance or a noise complaint, we had so much help on what to do and where to go that I felt settled very quickly. The Welcome talks and events gave us loads of vouchers and key rings and leaflets for things, and the freshers fair had hundreds of clubs and societies to join. I still haven’t actually joined any, but I plan to this weekend.

I didn’t get my loan in for the first 5 days, so I was living on rice and bread for a while, but it worked out okay as Mum gave me some money to do my first shop. I ordered a Tesco delivery and ended up making a fajita mix which is still in the freezer (and tastes really really good).

We did party a lot. Every night. I missed one night to recover from a particularly big one, but it was loads of fun. We drank a lot and danced a lot. One of my favourite nights was the prom, where there was a fun fair outside and a silent disco. The silent disco was really good, everyone jamming along to their own music. The funfair was probably a bad idea for drunk people but still cool anyway. There was a ride which spun you all around, which was fun, but my limbs got bashed about everywhere. This week we had a onsie night, where most of theΒ flat (bar three) wore different onsies (I was a leopard). One of my flatmates and I spent ages searching for different ones for people all day, but it was good fun. We also went to a comedy night which was pretty funny. I had a good time there. Last night we all stayed in and watched Sherlock the movie after we went to quiz society. We lost the quiz and were 12 points behind the next team, but we all had fun anyway.

As good as the nights were, they had consequences. Although I have yet to have a hangover, I have a lot of bruises. I tend to fall over a lot when I’ve been drinking (and even when I haven’t- I tripped over a spoon and grazed my ankle the other day), so I have had a few accidents. My ankle and my toenail being bent back were the worst ones, but I’m all fine now!

The people in my flat are a laugh. We have a good time together mostly. We’ve played a lot of card games and drinking games and ended up having a lot of fun. For a while Cards Against Humanity was a favourite, and now we’ve got into playing My Vagina Is. My favourite has to be the Blowy Cup Game, since I’m pretty good at it (it’s those flute skills!).

I do feel quite alone sometimes. I worry that people don’t like me or that I say the wrong thing. I guess everyone has those thoughts, but they really stress me out. So I’m trying to find things to get into- I want to have a social life outside of my flat. A couple of friends from home have said that it’s always like that in your first year, so I’m not too concerned. I actually love it here so far, I love the campus and my room and the area, and my course, so even if I’m alone, I will still have a good time!

I’m a little behind on reading, but I’m going to catch up this weekend. Sign language is going well, I really like it! A little nervous for the exam, but I can do it.

So that’s a quick run down of freshers, and I’m having a great time!




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