Christmas Is Here!

It’s official. Hallowe’en is over. Christmas is upon us.
Secretly, I’m glad Hallowe’en is over. I can’t get free sweets and the costumes are way too sexy for me and way too expensive.

So anyway, Christmas is my favourite time of year, and I love that each year it starts earlier and earlier. I went to buy bedsheets at Primarni in September, and all they had was snowflake patterns (not that I mind, it’s so cosy). Also, it’s grey and white, there’s just bad lighting in this room. I’m already listening to a Christmas playlist on Spotify.


I love the message of love and celebration and the focus on family and spending time together that comes with it. I look forward to frantic Oxford Street Shopping, andnot being able to leave the house for a few days, all cosy in my new pjs watching Doctor Who or The Snowman (Christmas classic), the big Christmas roast with broccoli smothered in butter, Christmas Crackers and those stupid jokes and hats, the mini tool kits you get inside them, the family games, Cranium, Scrabble, Charades, seeing your family open the gifts you got them, watching all 7 Harry Potter films, building snowmen. There’s nothing not to love about that.


Last Christmas was amazing. I loved every second. Jarrett was with me, experiencing an English Christmas for the first time. It was weird, he’d never heard Fairy Tale of New York or Slade or Sleigh Ride or Don’t Let The Bells End or Band Aid or IWish It Could Be Christmas Every Day. Like WHAT!?!?!?!? I don’t know a single person in England who doesn’t know those songs. Apparently they don’t listen to the same 20, 30, 40 year old songs every single year. But that just makes me laugh, how funny is it that we don’t adopt anything new? It’s now traditional to listen to the old ones on repeat and love them all the more because they’re familiar.


We were on the bus at one point, and Jarrett (who’d seen Tesco in the summer) pointed to the logo on a Tesco Metro and asked

‘what’s that on the logo?’ and I looked at him like he was stupid and said,

‘It’s a hat. For Christmas’.

Only now I realise how weird that must have sounded to him (and how little sense it must have made- a hat, that you wear at Christmas!?). It wasn’t until Granny was talking about the nice Crackers she’d bought that he told us he had no idea what that was. 20131225_083516They don’t have Christmas hats in America. Maybe they do in some places, but he’d never heard of a Christmas Cracker. Literally. I had to explain a Christmas Cracker to my boyfriend. It was the weirdest experience- something that I’d always seen as such a FUNDAMENTAL part of Christmas, and now I realised that it wasn’t.

This Christmas, I’m spending my time with Jarrett and his family. I have no idea what new things/traditions they have that I’ve never heard of, and I’ll be sad to miss my family and the Christmas traditions from here, but I’m excited.

Mostly I’m excited to spend time with my best friend. I’m going to take lots of pictures.



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