Time for another WIP update! I haven’t really made many new things since I last made my update post, but here are the things I’ve done!  This is the Project Page on Ravelry
This is the Project Page on Ravelry


I made this hat ages ago, but forgot to post a picture. Here’s the picture!

This hat was one of the first hats I’d ever made, and it only took me a day! It was a very easy knit, and very satisfying to look at once done!

It’s a pattern by VeryPink Knits. The lady there does really good Youtube tutorials for knitting (and a little bit of crochet). I learnt how to knit a lot of different techniques through her videos, so if anybody ever wants to try I’d start with her. She also does kind of Knit-Along videos in which she shows you how to knit a particular pattern (like this one).



Who doesn’t love a chunky cable knit scarf!?

This project was essentially finished, I just needed to bind off! I love how soft the yarn is, it’s a very cosy scarf. I used Drops yarn, and it’s really nice and chunky. I loved knitting this!

There were only 16 stitches across (I think. I may have modified the pattern slightly) and on 8mm needles, it was a fast and easy project to make. I wasn’t too happy with my bind off edge, but I still love this. It was a great project to learn to cable on! (Also, you don’t need a cable needle to cable!)











This was mum’s birthday gift, a cowl made on 7mm circular needles. It was a nice knit, shorty and a very repetitive stitch, so I didn’t make any mistakes (for once!). My only mistake was the bind off row, which I did far too tightly. Hopefully with some blocking it will stretch out!








I’m now doing these fingerless gloves. I loved the way the pattern looked, and I really really love the feel of this yarn. I used Stylecraft yarn that Granny bought me when I last visited her. It makes me happy that she seems so glad that I’m doing it, because she’s the one I got my passion for knitting from. The first one of these is really soft, but I notice a few things about the pattern I’m not too keen on, so I’m changing them with the second one! (I might make a third since I have so much yarn!).

I’m also revisiting my Harry Potter jumper, and I’m almost done with the other arm!


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