I’m not making these because it’s a new year, I’m making these because I’d like there to be some positive changes in my life- and it just happens to be a New Year. So, here are my Resolutions.

1. Continue with a book per month. I managed one book between September and December, and I’d like to try to stick to it. This month I’m reading A Game Of Thrones. I’m halfway through (which is slightly cheating, but then it’s a really big book) and I love it.

2. Run. I make resolutions to run all the time, but I think I underestimate how lazy I am every time. So I am going to set the resolution that I run once every week. Just once, even for 15 minutes. I want to be fit, and it has to start somewhere.

3. Keep up with work. I put things off and put things off and never get anything done and it’s a last minute panic. Every single deadline is met with minutes to spare and I hate it. So this is also an anti-procrastination resolution as well.

These are things I’m going to work on all year. Even if I trip over and forget them for a while, it doesn’t need to be a new year to start again.


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