The Sleeper And The Spindle

Because I didn’t read a full length book this month, I also read two illustrated ones. This was the first of those two, Maus being the second.

I was given this book for Christmas by mum because she knows I love Chris Riddell’s artwork. I read The Edge Chronicles by written by Paul Stewart and illustrated by Chris Riddell when I was fourteen or fifteen and fell in love with them. They’re fantasy novels, with absolutely incredible images to help tell the story.

Photo on 29-01-2015 at 00.44 #2

So The Sleeper And The Spindle is illustrated by Riddell and written by Neil Gaiman. I’d never read anything of his before but I have seen his name everywhere. The story is a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty, with a young queen being taking on the traditional role of the prince searching for the sleeping princess.

While it’s based on a well known fairy story, this one does feel a lot less like the romanticised Disney version and more like the traditional, darker versions of old stories. There are scary sleep walkers and skeletons and beasts that follow them.I loved that this story had a complete twist in it, one that I honestly hadn’t seen coming when I first opened the book.

Honestly, I spent the entire time reading it in awe of the incredible drawings and how much time they must have taken to create. Where can I get me a poster??

Just to reiterate how stunning they are, I’ll include a picture:



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