February WIPs and FOs

I know, I know, I haven’t done one of these in a very long time but I have an excuse! I haven’t stopped knitting, my phone has been out of action and I haven’t been able to take decent pictures properly. I just got a new phone so I can get more done!

So before Christmas I finished (finally) my Harry Potter jumper. I love it, and I’m so impressed considering it was my first one. It’s slightly heavy and I can see all my mistakes but I love it anyway.

I’ll post a picture wearing it at some point, it looks better on!

Next I did finish my gloves! I don’t think the yarn was the right choice for it so I might make another pair with a different type.

I did really like the pattern though, and in the second glove I was able to rectify a mistake in the pattern.

Last night I made this phone sick as I don’t have my screen protectors yet. It turned out a little on the big side but I can always make another! I might make one with a drawstring l next.

Next is a cowl I’m making.  It’s a Noro yarn I got for my birthday. I love the stitch pattern I’m using and I can’t wait to see all the colours as I go along! 

Last is the Christmas hat I was making. I don’t quite know how it’s going to turn out as I’m making it into a cowl (I cast on way too many stitches for it to be a hat that isn’t ridiculous). 

It’s a great pattern but I haven’t enjoyed knitting it at all.  Untwisting all that yarn all the time is so tedious!

So those are my current FOs and WIPs. I’ll link to rav when I’ve uploaded the pictures!


I finished it!

It’s a proud moment for me. I have just finished book 1 of A Game Of Thrones. YES!!!! It may have taken me 2 years and several attempts, but I’ve done it!!

On to the next one…


So yesterday I did a lot of exercise. I only wrote about ballet, but I also went for an hour long walk/run, and came home to half an hour of pilates.

The run was really fun. I love being in the woods and looking at raw nature, so running doesn’t bother me much. I love the quiet and the way the sounds and trees press in on you. I ran around the broad until I found a wooden path that ran back away from the ziggurats. It went on for a long while, with broken trees and smaller parts of the lake surrounding it. I reached a bridge and decided to go right, along a muddy path. At this point I had to stop running- it was too muddy and I slipped a couple of times. As I made my way around the winding water, there were two swans gliding up in the same direction as me. I followed them for about 15 minutes as they swam together. I reached a point where the ground was hard again and I ran ahead of them. I passed a male and female mallard duck dipping their heads in the water, their tail feathers upright. I ran past bridges and a dam until I reached a small opening up a hill which led to a road. As I emerged, there was a sign. I’d run to Cringleford! (It’s only 2 miles away, but I was still proud for my first run in months!) I followed the road (I was completely lost- my phone doesn’t work so I had no directions) and fortunately, the road I chose to take (out of 4 directions) took me straight back to the university. I could tell I was close because there were rabbits everywhere!

I’m really sad I couldn’t take any photographs- it was a beautiful run. My phone just isn’t up to it any more.

Now, my calves are killing me. I think that’s a result of ballet, which is good, because it means I was working hard!


Today I had my first ballet class in 8 years.

I stopped doing ballet when I was 12, because I needed a better education and couldn’t continue at boarding school. It was one of those things I always regretted not being able to do. I loved ballet shoes and the smell of those wooden floors and barre work and how beautiful those lines made me look. I was devastated when I realised I would probably never do it again.

Here at UEA there are ballet classes every Saturday. To join, it’s just £20 per year and then you can go to the sessions every week during term time. So I had a taster today and really enjoyed it.

I was expecting to pick up back where I left off- I had thought it would be easy.

I was so lost through half of it. Some of the exercises were different to how I remembered them, my body wasn’t working how I remembered it should and there were loads of people in the class which made me a bit embarrassed. I think back to my twelve year old body and I’m jealous- I didn’t realise how fit and strong I was.

Even though my arms were waving about all over the place and my feet weren’t always in the right position (although perfectly turned out, I could never forget that), I loved doing those old practices that I enjoyed as a child. I’m really really sore, my legs kept cramping when I tried to do the battement fondou, but it was so enjoyable. I really felt like I was working!

Also, the teacher was nice, which isn’t how I remember Miss Pam.

So I’m definitely going again in a couple of weeks! I might even buy some ballet shoes.