Today I had my first ballet class in 8 years.

I stopped doing ballet when I was 12, because I needed a better education and couldn’t continue at boarding school. It was one of those things I always regretted not being able to do. I loved ballet shoes and the smell of those wooden floors and barre work and how beautiful those lines made me look. I was devastated when I realised I would probably never do it again.

Here at UEA thereΒ are ballet classes every Saturday. To join, it’s just Β£20 per year and then you can go to the sessions every week during term time. So I had a taster today and really enjoyed it.

I was expecting to pick up back where I left off- I had thought it would be easy.

I was so lost through half of it. Some of the exercises were different to how I remembered them, my body wasn’t working how I remembered it should and there were loads of people in the class which made me a bit embarrassed. I think back to my twelve year old body and I’m jealous- I didn’t realise how fit and strong I was.

Even though my arms were waving about all over the place and my feet weren’t always in the right position (although perfectly turned out, I could never forget that), I loved doing those old practices that I enjoyed as a child. I’m really really sore, my legs kept cramping when I tried to do the battement fondou, but it was so enjoyable. I really felt like I was working!

Also, the teacher was nice, which isn’t how I remember Miss Pam.

So I’m definitely going again in a couple of weeks! I might even buy some ballet shoes.


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