So yesterday I did a lot of exercise. I only wrote about ballet, but I also went for an hour long walk/run, and came home to half an hour of pilates.

The run was really fun. I love being in the woods and looking at raw nature, so running doesn’t bother me much. I love the quiet and the way the sounds and trees press in on you. I ran around the broad until I found a wooden path that ran back away from the ziggurats. It went on for a long while, with broken trees and smaller parts of the lake surrounding it. I reached a bridge and decided to go right, along a muddy path. At this point I had to stop running- it was too muddy and I slipped a couple of times. As I made my way around the winding water, there were two swans gliding up in the same direction as me. I followed them for about 15 minutes as they swam together. I reached a point where the ground was hard again and I ran ahead of them. I passed a male and female mallard duck dipping their heads in the water, their tail feathers upright. I ran past bridges and a dam until I reached a small opening up a hill which led to a road. As I emerged, there was a sign. I’d run to Cringleford! (It’s only 2 miles away, but I was still proud for my first run in months!) I followed the road (I was completely lost- my phone doesn’t work so I had no directions) and fortunately, the road I chose to take (out of 4 directions) took me straight back to the university. I could tell I was close because there were rabbits everywhere!

I’m really sad I couldn’t take any photographs- it was a beautiful run. My phone just isn’t up to it any more.

Now, my calves are killing me. I think that’s a result of ballet, which is good, because it means I was working hard!


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