February WIPs and FOs

I know, I know, I haven’t done one of these in a very long time but I have an excuse! I haven’t stopped knitting, my phone has been out of action and I haven’t been able to take decent pictures properly. I just got a new phone so I can get more done!

So before Christmas I finished (finally) my Harry Potter jumper. I love it, and I’m so impressed considering it was my first one. It’s slightly heavy and I can see all my mistakes but I love it anyway.

I’ll post a picture wearing it at some point, it looks better on!

Next I did finish my gloves! I don’t think the yarn was the right choice for it so I might make another pair with a different type.

I did really like the pattern though, and in the second glove I was able to rectify a mistake in the pattern.

Last night I made this phone sick as I don’t have my screen protectors yet. It turned out a little on the big side but I can always make another! I might make one with a drawstring l next.

Next is a cowl I’m making.  It’s a Noro yarn I got for my birthday. I love the stitch pattern I’m using and I can’t wait to see all the colours as I go along! 

Last is the Christmas hat I was making. I don’t quite know how it’s going to turn out as I’m making it into a cowl (I cast on way too many stitches for it to be a hat that isn’t ridiculous). 

It’s a great pattern but I haven’t enjoyed knitting it at all.  Untwisting all that yarn all the time is so tedious!

So those are my current FOs and WIPs. I’ll link to rav when I’ve uploaded the pictures!


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