I’m not dead

I haven’t posted anything I’ve been interested in here in a long time. It’s coming up to the end of the semester and I’ve had a whole load of work to do (not really, I just left it to the last minute as usual).

A lot has changed since I last wrote, but I’m wide awake (even though I’ve just successfully completed an all-nighter) and ready to start catching up on the things I’ve missed. I don’t know why it matters to me- it’s mostly my family that reads this, and I tell them all these things on the phone anyway! Even so for some reason I enjoy writing this stuff.

So other than work, I’ve been doing a few things that have been keeping me a little sane. Firstly, I’ve been getting out more. I decided I spent far too much time alone and so have been making an effort to connect with the people I love more often. Yesterday I went to Kings College London with Joseph to look around. I’m so glad I went with him- I can totally see him there and I really want him to fulfil that statement- I want him to get in there. I want him to win, he’s so intelligent and I know he’s going to be amazing.

I’ve also started watching two shows- House and House of Cards. House is great to knit to (it’s so repetitive, I don’t need to watch too closely) and Hugh Laurie is a great actor. House of cards is something I’ve very recently been into I can’t get enough of it. I’ve always loved Kevin Spacey, and the story is one of those great ones where you sort of despise the main character but you also desperately want him to succeed. It’s a great show that can force you to have two such conflicting emotions.

I’ve been knitting a lot (WIP here) and have finally started the Léttlopi jumper. I love it so much and VeryPink has made knitting so much easier with her ‘flicking’ technique.

So that’s my update. I’m going to get to writing those other posts now!


DNF Without Guilt? Tuesday Talks

No video today, I don’t have time to edit!

Have i ever felt guilt about not finishing a book? Yes, mostly when it’s a book that was given to me as a gift. I dread the moment when that person asks me how I liked it and I have to make up something vague based on the bit I did read, and hope they hadn’t read it themselves.

Otherwise, no. It’s like saying ‘have you ever felt guilty for not finishing the star trek series?’ I love tv shows, and I love watching series, but I don’t like Star Trek, I find it long and boring and dated and I don’t like that genre of show. Am I going to be a fan of every genre? No. Am I going to sit through hours of film that doesn’t interest me, has actors I don’t like and has a bad script? No. That’s the way I feel about reading books. I’m not going to feel guilty for not finishing a book if I find it torturous to go through. I’m not going to force myself to read something I hate or that irritates me or that feels like it’s a waste of time.

That being said, I did finish a book recently (The Name of the Star) that I absolutely hated. I read to halfway and was going to give up, but I felt like I should read it because it was for a book club. I’m glad I did finish it now, because the story picked up a lot after the first awful half, and I’m now onto the second book! So in a way, I’m glad I felt that sense of ‘I should really finish this’, otherwise I would have had a very different opinion of a book that I hadn’t seen through!

tl;dr Nope, no guilt!


Recently I’ve taken up walking. I’ve started walking into the city at least once a week, and just generally making more of an effort to move around. The walk into the city is long (about 45 minutes walking quickly), and mostly uphill, so I feel good after finishing it. It’s like an accomplishment and it’s an activity I really enjoy. I like that it gives me almost an hour of time outside to think while I walk or listen to a podcast (I’m listening to Hello Internet at the moment). 

Today my seminar was cancelled- no three hours of boredom to deal with. Since I was already dressed, I took a walk around the lake to get some air and try my new phone’s camera. I wasn’t too impressed- they don’t look sharp enough- but it was windy, so all I did was literally point and shoot. I didn’t mess with any settings, I just pressed the button, so maybe once I try and focus or change things up they might be better.

Regardless of how they turned out, it was still beautiful and so refreshing to have the wind in my face and see some nature.