Recently I’ve taken up walking. I’ve started walking into the city at least once a week, and just generally making more of an effort to move around. The walk into the city is long (about 45 minutes walking quickly), and mostly uphill, so I feel good after finishing it. It’s like an accomplishment and it’s an activity I really enjoy. I like that it gives me almost an hour of time outside to think while I walk or listen to a podcast (I’m listening to Hello Internet at the moment). 

Today my seminar was cancelled- no three hours of boredom to deal with. Since I was already dressed, I took a walk around the lake to get some air and try my new phone’s camera. I wasn’t too impressed- they don’t look sharp enough- but it was windy, so all I did was literally point and shoot. I didn’t mess with any settings, I just pressed the button, so maybe once I try and focus or change things up they might be better.

Regardless of how they turned out, it was still beautiful and so refreshing to have the wind in my face and see some nature.


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