DNF Without Guilt? Tuesday Talks

No video today, I don’t have time to edit!

Have i ever felt guilt about not finishing a book? Yes, mostly when it’s a book that was given to me as a gift. I dread the moment when that person asks me how I liked it and I have to make up something vague based on the bit I did read, and hope they hadn’t read it themselves.

Otherwise, no. It’s like saying ‘have you ever felt guilty for not finishing the star trek series?’ I love tv shows, and I love watching series, but I don’t like Star Trek, I find it long and boring and dated and I don’t like that genre of show. Am I going to be a fan of every genre? No. Am I going to sit through hours of film that doesn’t interest me, has actors I don’t like andΒ has a bad script? No. That’s the way I feel about reading books. I’m not going to feel guilty for not finishing a book if I find it torturous to go through. I’m not going to force myself to read something I hate or that irritates me or that feels like it’s a waste of time.

That being said, I did finish a book recently (The Name of the Star) that I absolutely hated. I read to halfway and was going to give up, but I felt like I should read it because it was for a book club. I’m glad I did finish it now, because the story picked up a lot after the first awful half, and I’m now onto the second book! So in a way, I’m glad I felt that sense of ‘I should really finish this’, otherwise I would have had a very different opinion of a book that I hadn’t seen through!

tl;dr Nope, no guilt!


5 thoughts on “DNF Without Guilt? Tuesday Talks

  1. Hi Lauren! Great post. I feel guilt sometimes if the book has been recommended to me by a good friend, but I’ve learned to just move on to a book I love.

  2. traceyscrafts says:

    I have a feeling of guilt when I do not finish certain books. I think its mostly like you said, the books that were gifts, or even sometimes the ones I have purchased myself. Recently I returned a book the the library after only reading 80 pages because I could not force myself to read it anymore. I felt a little bad but not as much as I would with other books. Hope you do not come across to many more books like that!! Sorry for the long comment.

    • 80 pages is enough to get whether or not you’re interested- now you can focus more time on one you really enjoy! Gifts are the worst because it feels like you MUST read it or you’ll be found out that you hate it! It’s not too long, it’s nice reading what other people have to say (mine are always really long haha) πŸ™‚

  3. lucy Knight says:

    As a kid I tried to read the Bible a couple of times, but once passed Genesis I’d always get stuck on the begats. I thought it wouldn’t count if I skipped any so I never got further than that. It was only later I realised that actually there are no rules to reading, its the enjoyment that counts. Though, I’d agree that there have been a good few books that are sliw to start, but well worth the investment once you get passed those intial chapters.

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