I got a job!

I got a call today, and I got accepted to work at Hollister!

I decided a few weeks ago that I didn’t want to spend my time lying in bed wasting the days away and so I should get a job. This is the first time I’ve tried to get one out of boredom rather than necessity.

I knew it was a job I wanted to do because it’s similar to working for Apple- they’re brands that value good customer service. Whether it’s being a Specialist at Apple or a Model at Hollister, the goal is essentially the same- treat the customers in the best way possible, help them find the right solution for them and be friendly.

I thought I’d done really badly in the interview, and maybe I had, but I’m really glad I was offered a position, and can start working soon! I was offered the model position rather than Impact which I’d applied for, but I’m sure I’ll like it just the same!

So now I just have to work out what to wear!


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