I’m Like an OAP

This is what I was listening to while writing this. I like the idea that other people can get the same vibes I was having while writing if we listened to the same thing.

When my grandparents first retired, I couldn’t understand what they did with all that time. Until they die, they will not have jobs. What a thought.

I wondered how they kept busy, how they weren’t bored with life and each other. How they coped living in a small seaside town with nothing to occupy them. To me it seemed like a very free but agitating existence. I thought I’d go mad if I had to do that.

I was wrong. I’ve realised that I’m just like them right now, and how beautiful it is. They get to spend their time doing the things they love. My Granny works with fabrics and designing things using different art styles, and my Grandad does gigs and works on paper art. Now they both keep bees too! They’re living the life and now I am too. I’m so free, so able to do what I want, when I want. It’s amazing. I can listen to music, play my own music on my uke, make my own clothes and learn a new language. It’s so amazing to be able to live my life in the way I want to. Sure I’m poor, but I’m having a great time.

I’ve been riding my bike as fast as I can, feeling the breeze on my legs, sitting in the park with tangerines and grapes, relaxing in the heat of the sun. It’s been blissful.

And I still have 3 months of this to go.



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