Thoughts on Britain’s Exit from the EU

My Original Statement:

“England is a cesspool of unintelligent, degenerate, racist, sexist, selfish, self-centred arseholes”

It’s difficult for me to be coherent at this time, but I need to speak about it. I had my doubts after the last UK election.13522790_10154301366192520_8119542822669675805_o People voted for a government that wants to get rid of the NHS, sell off public housing, remove help for those in the most need while lowering taxes for the rich. It’s disgusting that the poorest and least intelligent of us have been fooled into voting for people who don’t have their best interests at heart and who don’t represent them in the slightest.

But obviously people don’t care who represents them- fewer people showed up to vote for our government than for this referendum. More people are concerned with getting rid of all those immigrants than with the people who can negotiate fewer migrants being granted access to this country. EU referendum turnout was 72.2%.

So why? Why are the people of this country so much more concerned with immigration than with its own government? I can’t speak for all people, but to me it seems there are a few reasons.  Below is an image from the Guardian about the demographics of voters.Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 09.52.21.png

Having looked over this graphic, it seems that the people who voted leave are less wealthy, uneducated, older, working class people. The people who have less to lose (because they already have less) voted to leave. I believe their vote was based on emotion and personal circumstance rather than what is best for future generations and the country as a whole. These people clearly feel threatened by change, worried about their jobs, their homes and their culture. These are all perfectly valid fears, these issues affect them just as they affect us all, and of course it’s entirely understandable.

Leaving the EU solves none of those problems, so why did they vote for it? In leaving the EU, we have less access to jobs and a skilled labour force, we have a diminished pound, we have lost any political influence we had and our global standing is now shaky,we lose the protection of EU laws when our government tries to infringe on our human rights,  we’ll have increased tax on us from our biggest trade partner, and it won’t get rid of all the brown faces people are so afraid of.

The media and Nigel Farrage have convinced people that leaving the EU will slow down  immigration helping ‘get our jobs back’, stopping immigrants scrounging off the state keeping the money we’re sending off to Europe each week. Cls4mWJXIAAH4ts.jpg-large Countless times I’ve heard these arguments, and each time I’ve been infuriated. How, how, HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU BE SCROUNGING OFF THE STATE, CLAIMING JOB SEEKERS OR ANY OTHER KIND OF BENEFIT, WHEN YOU ARE ALSO STEALING ENGLISH JOBS????? The media has been spinning two conflicting stories, using fear and xenophobia to blind people into hate and mistrust. People are emotional, illogical, and often vote based on ‘how this vote will affect me‘ rather than everybody else they share this nation with.

Part of the problem is a growing resentment of politicians. As I said earlier, our politicians are not representative of us, people don’t trust what they say, and when they tell us who we should be voting for, the biggest middle finger the people can give is the opposite of what they want. Here is a video of Nigel Farrage doing exactly politicians have been doing since the dawn of time- back tracking and being dishonest.

A protest vote is the most selfish and pointless thing voters can do. It ‘sends a message’ but that message will drown us.  We have now lost our Prime Minister. Cameron promised a referendum as part of his election campaign in order that he win the vote. This was his mistake, and now he’s stepping down. I believe (as I have done throughout this campaign) that this should never have been a matter up for the public vote. We as citizens do not negotiate with other nations, we do not know what goes on behind closed doors, we do not take part in discussions or make our own alliances. We elect a government to do that for us. A government with politicians who understand the complexities of negotiations, a government that can act with the broader picture in mind. As citizens with so much at stake personally, with no insight into what goes on in those meetings, we cannot be trusted to make these decisions. Now the man who has handed this sentence down on us is stepping down from his post.

For me this is hugely disappointing. Not only has be been a terrible Prime Minister for my generation, he has now brought about this enormous change and uncertainty for our country and is jumping ship with no consequences (losing his job is not a consequence when he is already a millionaire). We are now faced with the prospect of Boris Johnson representing us. A person nobody has voted for and a person whose party a majority of people did not vote for.

This is a nation divided, and this result will divide us even more. Does anybody really think that Nicola Sturgeon won’t use this as an opportunity for another Scottish referendum? Northern Ireland also voted to remain. This could mean the end of the UK as we know it.Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 09.37.00

Update: Just announced, Nicola Sturgeon is seeking another Scottish referendum

I feel saddened that am actually ashamed of my fellow citizens. It feels as though this vote has been based on xenophobia and racism. I feel gutted that I am in a minority in a country I love, a minority that cares deeply about culture, and acceptance, and strives for openness, tolerance and peace.

At the beginning of this post, anger was making me write. Now I’m resigned. We have no idea how this will affect us in the long run, we have no ida what is going to happen and this uncertainty will continue for the rest of the year at least. It looks as though Jeremy Corbyn will be outed, we have no Prime Minister, we will lose Scotland, we have less of a  voice in global politics. I genuinely feel that there is no hope.


Edit: I have updated this post many times, because my initial reactions are fading and I’m a lot more calm than I was when I first started writing it. My words at the beginning are notably more harsh than my feelings at the end. To clarify: While I do believe that there was a lot of unintelligent voting, and I do blame these people for how shaky everything is going to become (and part of me is still raging), I understand that they have a different life to me, a different upbringing, different experiences which I will never fully comprehend. I bear only the smallest amount of hostility towards leave voters- they’re just as screwed as we are now, and they will also have that awful feeling of knowing they did it to themselves.