February WIPs and FOs

I know, I know, I haven’t done one of these in a very long time but I have an excuse! I haven’t stopped knitting, my phone has been out of action and I haven’t been able to take decent pictures properly. I just got a new phone so I can get more done!

So before Christmas I finished (finally) my Harry Potter jumper. I love it, and I’m so impressed considering it was my first one. It’s slightly heavy and I can see all my mistakes but I love it anyway.

I’ll post a picture wearing it at some point, it looks better on!

Next I did finish my gloves! I don’t think the yarn was the right choice for it so I might make another pair with a different type.

I did really like the pattern though, and in the second glove I was able to rectify a mistake in the pattern.

Last night I made this phone sick as I don’t have my screen protectors yet. It turned out a little on the big side but I can always make another! I might make one with a drawstring l next.

Next is a cowl I’m making.  It’s a Noro yarn I got for my birthday. I love the stitch pattern I’m using and I can’t wait to see all the colours as I go along! 

Last is the Christmas hat I was making. I don’t quite know how it’s going to turn out as I’m making it into a cowl (I cast on way too many stitches for it to be a hat that isn’t ridiculous). 

It’s a great pattern but I haven’t enjoyed knitting it at all.  Untwisting all that yarn all the time is so tedious!

So those are my current FOs and WIPs. I’ll link to rav when I’ve uploaded the pictures!



Time for another WIP update! I haven’t really made many new things since I last made my update post, but here are the things I’ve done!

http://ravel.me/laurencassinia/4xl57  This is the Project Page on Ravelry

This is the Project Page on Ravelry


I made this hat ages ago, but forgot to post a picture. Here’s the picture!

This hat was one of the first hats I’d ever made, and it only took me a day! It was a very easy knit, and very satisfying to look at once done!

It’s a pattern by VeryPink Knits. The lady there does really good Youtube tutorials for knitting (and a little bit of crochet). I learnt how to knit a lot of different techniques through her videos, so if anybody ever wants to try I’d start with her. She also does kind of Knit-Along videos in which she shows you how to knit a particular pattern (like this one).



Who doesn’t love a chunky cable knit scarf!? http://ravel.me/laurencassinia/eccs

This project was essentially finished, I just needed to bind off! I love how soft the yarn is, it’s a very cosy scarf. I used Drops yarn, and it’s really nice and chunky. I loved knitting this!

There were only 16 stitches across (I think. I may have modified the pattern slightly) and on 8mm needles, it was a fast and easy project to make. I wasn’t too happy with my bind off edge, but I still love this. It was a great project to learn to cable on! (Also, you don’t need a cable needle to cable!)











This was mum’s birthday gift, a cowl made on 7mm circular needles. It was a nice knit, shorty and a very repetitive stitch, so I didn’t make any mistakes (for once!). My only mistake was the bind off row, which I did far too tightly. Hopefully with some blocking it will stretch out!








I’m now doing these fingerless gloves. I loved the way the pattern looked, and I really really love the feel of this yarn. I used Stylecraft yarn that Granny bought me when I last visited her. It makes me happy that she seems so glad that I’m doing it, because she’s the one I got my passion for knitting from. The first one of these is really soft, but I notice a few things about the pattern I’m not too keen on, so I’m changing them with the second one! (I might make a third since I have so much yarn!).

I’m also revisiting my Harry Potter jumper, and I’m almost done with the other arm!


November WIP


So the new project I’m working on is this elephant, and it’s the first of many Christmas gifts that I’m working on. It’s  not Christmas-y as such, but I think it’s cute and will be a nice gift for a child. I’m going to make a mini jumper if I can in a different colour to ‘dress it up’ a bit. The whole pattern is written on straight needles, which is a nice change from dpns and circulars. These are all the pieces except the head, which I’m still making. I bought pillows and I’m going to stuff it with that. I’ve found that the pattern is pretty unclear and although it says it’s for beginners, if I’d just started knitting, I would have found this incredibly difficult, as abbreviations are used where they’re not needed and lots of things simply aren’t specified. I’ve tried to put as detailed a report as I could in my ravelry page if anyone wants to try it.

Stitch Block CowlAs I’m sure you can tell, this project is actually smaller than when I last updated. I got all the way to about 12 inches of knitting in the rose check fabric, and had to frog the lot, which was a bit depressing. That’s the reason I’ve started up with the elephant for a bit. I will continue with this cowl, because I still think it’s gorgeous, but I’m just losing enthusiasm a little bit. Doing this is pretty motivating though, because I don’t want to post again and have it be even smaller!


imageI’m making Stitch Block Cowl which was a Knit Along on reddit. I’m a bit late to the party, but I saw it and instantly knew I would wear it and wanted to make it.

So far it’s been a little stressful. Both sections that I’ve done so far have been frogged 3 times each.  The pattern itself isn’t overly difficult, but it’s important to concentrate. The pattern has lots of row changes, so any mistakes are difficult to rectify. As you can see in the picture (but not so clearly in real life) there is a small half-row of mistakes midway through, but at that point I’d gone so far, I never wanted to do that part again!

The top part (pattern 2) is far more fun to knit because of the colour work, however I am terrified of making a mistake because (as I found out last night) it’s impossible to fix if you drop a stitch because you knit the same side twice with the different colours.

At this point, I still love it and I hope to have finished it by next week!