Reminder to Love

Keep your loving strong

Continue to care about

The ones you love most

I didn’t write this. Found it today and it reminded me of all the amazing people I know.


It’s not such a bad thing.

Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes things just don’t go your way. Sometimes it seems like nothing will ever go your way.

Today a bad thing happened, something that made me unhappy (for a while). But was it a bad thing? I’m here, with people I love right? I have all four limbs and my sight (no matter how blurry). I have a bed that I love, which is comfortable, and my roof keeps out the rain. I can feed myself, and go to the pub with my friends. I can wake up late if I want to, with no concequences. I can use the internet whenever I want. I can buy myself small things or make things to cheer myself up.

That bad thing? Does it matter? Will I be upset about it in 10 years time? Will I even remember it happneed in 10 years time? Probably not. No. Definitely not.

It’s not such a bad thing.

New Job!

This is one of those mad frustrating things where I can celebrate my new job, but I can’t really say what it is.

I can say that I’ve had this job before, and it’s where I met some of the coolest, most talented people I know. 

The best part is that I’m getting a new role, one which I always wanted to do since starting there the first time. 

I’m so excited and ecstatic and pretty much over the moon. All my worry troubles will be over, I get a whole bunch of perks, a whole new group of cool, intelligent people to meet (customers and staff) AND it’s a job where I can make a difference to people’s lives. It’s a job I can be proud of, and somewhere I’m overjoyed to get the opportunity to learn and grow. 

I can’t wait to start!!


Watched this mind bending cartoon with Xav. It’s so trippy, colourful and completely out of this world. It’s like a mix of Rick and Morty, the Yellow Submarine, and Pokemon. And maybe a bit of Jackie Chan Adventures and Adventure Time. All in one. I can’t wait to watch the rest.

It’s nice spending time with Xav, I’m glad we get on so well and can hang out.


I took the longboard to Notting Hill/Ladbroke Grove. It was muggy, but warm and I worked up a sweat. I really enjoyed it- even though it was sticky and I was out of breath, I loved using that force and sliding down hills. The roads there are really smooth and wide which makes boarding so much more fun!

It also kind of gives me a buzz because people think I’m cool when I’m riding it. They stop to chat to me and ask me how I do it and tell me it’s cool. I feel like a bit of a fraud, since it’s a longboard and not that hard to ride, but it’s also sick.

Charisse made me laugh, we were joking about a bunch of stuff and when I was sad she suggested going for a walk. It was really good to spend time with her and I’m looking forward to sharing this week with her!

Lastly, a girl I was talking to on tinder (who is actually beautiful) asked me if I’d ever been to Kent before 😂😂😂😂 it made me laugh more than it should have.



Today there were so many happy things I can’t just write one!

Mum met me from work, it was warm and sunny and I got to long board home with her. She’d cooked chicken and new potatoes for dinner and it was delicious– the first meal I’ve eaten properly in a week. We both had a drink and clinked our bottles to cheers. There were condensation droplets on them making my hands wet, cooling me down. It was nice.

I had some really great conversations with my friends, Brian was making me laugh for real, Joseph was discussing life with me and Janet reminded me why I love her and to not let these friends slip away too easily!

Those people took hours out of their days to speak to me, to have a good time with me, and that’s the best feeling!

I think I’ll go to bed happy tonight 😌